Wednesday, 29 April 2009

NewsPaper With an Effect

For this I got a picture of a newspaper of the web which I saved & Scanned into Illustrater so I could add an effect this one I added a twist which twists the picture around moving some of the parts I like this effect as it creates like a pattern like picture & looks really unique.
The one under neigh Is an effect What I did was place it into Illustrator go into the effect gallery & I added a neon glow in the colour of a nice bright orange I like this Neon glow as you can still see some of the Newspaper the pictures & text maybe not that clear.
But I feel they could make a great Background or somthing like that as they are so stylish.

Betty Boop

This is My Betty Boop picture which I added colour to & deleted the picture which I got of the Web so You can see what I coloured in I did this in Illustrator.


This is my Weave it is created from strips from a newspaper which I weaved in & out of each other which created the weave then I scanned it into Photoshop so I could place it in Illustrator so I could edit with the effects so It doesn't just look like a newspaper I like this pink & yellow effect as you have a nice bright colour but you also have parts where you can just see the writing on the newspaper.


This is another of my shell effects I took a photo & placed it in Illustrator where I added an effect to the picture as you can see this effect has been used as you can still see the newspaper, I wanted to use at least one effect where the newspaper is clearly visible this is why this effect was used.

Nature Pics

This Pictures of nature Were drew by me I scanned them into Illustrator where I then saved them & placed them into Illustrator where I traced & expanded them once I had done that I added a black line colour which is why they have this thick shaded glow to them & they stand out so well.


For this leaf I got a picture of the Web & in Illustrator I drew round it with certain colours that made it look as real as possible I then deleted the Picture of the Web leaving my picture of the leaf & I must say It does look like a real leaf because of the colours I used.



This is my Birthday Party Invitation I couldn't print it off in order to put it with my birthday brief so I have just put it on this blog I do like this Invitation which I designed in Illustrator I drew The turtle my self like I did with my other work I just think that this design it simple & there is not that much going on which kids will love, Both Boys & Girls.

Birthday Card

This is another of my designs for the birthday brief which I designed in Illustrator but could not print of as there was no Ink but I do like it as it has a fire like theme to it that probably a teenager will love I like the background as it looks like a night sky with stars & the Happy Birthday text blends in as It is Black, Yellow & Orange which blend with the yellow stars what is hard to see but is there is the black border round the yellow stars they also have a line from them that makes them like birthday balloons. The big one in the middle has a face on it the eyes look like devil eyes but the smile makes you smile. A teenager would send this to a Teenager.


Using Illustrator I created this I have made a scene in space this is one of the first things I created at the start of year 10. I love this as there is so much colour & style which stand out I love it I was really inspired by anything as I just was experimenting with Illustrator. The texture on this feels really bright & cherry as it stands out. The Media I used was just Illustrator.


This is the rabbit which I designed for my Birthday card sadly the rabbit did fall off my card so I include the rabbit that should be on my card. This was created in Illustrator along with the carrot & bounce signs which can be Sean on my card design.


The Method: This was created in year 10 I was given this document in Illustrator of the big Pencil & using some of the Illustrator tools I had to create the smaller version of the pencil & colour it in a different way to the bigger one. I am really pleased with the texture of this pencil as it stands out really well & feels like a pencil that a child would love as it is different colors. My Influence for this pattern the thing that inspired me was the thing of that I wanted to create it so a child would love it.


I got this picture of the cat of the Web so I could edit with the Picture using Illustrator I changed the colour of the cats eyes with this colour of like an wired cat I also changed the colour of the cats nose by giving it a bright pink shade with some black round it & round the eyes so that they would stand out I did this so I could experiment with the style of the cat & see what I could do I left all the lines to show fur on the cats face as I feel if I tried to change them It would make the cat look really strange so I left it like this & I feel that the cat does look wired but cute like & I think Kids would love it too.


I designed these animals in Illustrator From some pictures that I got of the Web by drawing round them I could make them look like the proper animals & I feel that they would appeal to Kids I designed these for the Birthday brief & then I never used them so Instead of letting them go to waste I have placed the document into this blog as I feel these animals are really nice & I do like them My Inspiration for these animals was the animals them selves as I wanted to make them look as much like the animals as I could so I also used the same kind of colours as well & I feel they do look like they are supposed to I know they don't look like the animals in real life but they look like the cartoon versions which you see in cartoons on the web & in magazines etc so I am very pleased with them. I feel that they are very pleacing to the eye as they are all bright colours & suit there audience of Children.

Man with Bin

This is my man that I designed at the start of year 10 which I created in Illustrator which I also coloured in this will also be on my blog with a house.


For this I also created in Illustrator It is my House the Man with the bin I also added into this picture As you can see I have added some leaves onto the top of the house to give it the effect of real life The house its self is very wacky I have a selection of bright colours which make this house look so cool I made my sky very bright blue with the sun in the sky I also added just one cloud which makes it look like a summers day with a bit of a wind as there are leaves on the houses roof.


This is another of the weave documents that I created in Illustrator I am very pleased with this one as well as I feel that It has a good contrast & use of colour that stands out. I also feel that it is very pleasing to the eye of a girl not a boy as I feel that the colour use won't suit a boy, These weaves would be great Backgrounds for work as they are very stylize & are really bright so I feel that they would be loved in that Kind of way.


This is another weave which would make a great Background & it is very pleasing to the eye as it stands out I just love the colour & I feel that many others would too the audience for this could be anyone of any age & they would love this what A great Background it could be.


This shell because of the effect that has been used it can be very hard to see but this was an experiment & I feel that It blends to much, But this can be used for a good thing as it blends with the room around it I feel that It might make a good Background like the weaves do.


This Shell also blends with the background of the room it looks black but has like a white glow which looks really nice. & I also feel that it is eye catching.



This is my favourite shell as I just love the colour scheme on it as it is so eye catching I did this effect In Illustrator as I know that people will love it I just love the colours they make this shell look so unique & I feel that many will love it the udience is really just anyone who loves the bright & wired as this shell dosen't look like somthing you would find on a beach anymore not with this effect.


This is a photo of my Shell with this shell I have added different effects to give a different shade. This shell its self has also been painted but I haven't included a photo of that.