Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I designed these animals in Illustrator From some pictures that I got of the Web by drawing round them I could make them look like the proper animals & I feel that they would appeal to Kids I designed these for the Birthday brief & then I never used them so Instead of letting them go to waste I have placed the document into this blog as I feel these animals are really nice & I do like them My Inspiration for these animals was the animals them selves as I wanted to make them look as much like the animals as I could so I also used the same kind of colours as well & I feel they do look like they are supposed to I know they don't look like the animals in real life but they look like the cartoon versions which you see in cartoons on the web & in magazines etc so I am very pleased with them. I feel that they are very pleacing to the eye as they are all bright colours & suit there audience of Children.

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